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Fulfilment Centre

As a leading provider of fire detection solutions, Photuris Ltd was tasked with a unique challenge - to provide a state-of-the-art fire detection system for a new Fulfilment Centre. Given the complexity and size of the centre, the project required an advanced solution that could ensure optimal fire safety while integrating seamlessly with the building's management systems (BMS) and other equipment.

The Solution: After a comprehensive evaluation of various options, Photuris Ltd leveraged its partnership with Honeywell Gent and selected the Vigilon Fire Detection System. The equipment chosen comprised of three main components: the Gent VIGPLUS-72 Vigilon Plus 1-6 Loop Control Panel, Gent S4-711-V-VAD-HPR S-Quad Sensor, and Firebeam FIREBEAM-XTRA-AC Xtra Anti-fog Reflective Beam Detector.

Gent VIGPLUS-72 Vigilon Plus 1-6 Loop Control Panel: This was the heart of the system, providing advanced sensing technology and powerful processing in the panel that quickly identified real fires. The 6-loop panel came with full 72-hour standby capacity and could accommodate up to 200 devices. It was fully compatible with Honeywell Gent’s innovative S-Quad range and featured an 8-line x 40-character display with a pushbutton keypad that was simple to use.

Gent S4-711-V-VAD-HPR SQuad Sensor: Photuris Ltd selected this multi-function device that incorporated advanced sensing technologies including heat and dual-angle optical scatter. This range offered maximum flexibility for our designers, providing coverage for the building, and had an alert system comprising highly visible visual alarm and recorded voice message for test scenarios and emergencies. The device was built for unambiguous communication, ensuring all associates and visitors were alerted in the event of an emergency.

FIREBEAM-XTRA-AC Xtra Anti-fog Reflective Beam Detector: Given the size of the Fulfilment Centre and the potential for condensation or fog, Photuris Ltd chose this Anti-Fog version of the Firebeam Xtra. It was able to cover distances up to 160 metres, thus negating the need for two beams and saving both time and money. It self-aligned to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and maintained alignment when building movement occurred, eliminating false alarms.

Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS): A key strength of the Gent Fire Detection System was its compatibility with existing BMS. Advanced networking options allowed up to 200 panels to be networked in a multi-domain structure, with options for copper or optic fibre connections. This enabled seamless integration with the BMS and other associated equipment at the Fulfilment Centre.

Outcome: The installation was successful, and the Honeywell Gent Fire Detection System delivered on its promises of enhanced fire safety and seamless integration. Photuris Ltd was praised for their selection and deployment of the system, contributing to the safety and efficiency of the Fulfilment Centre. The case illustrates how intelligent design, advanced technology, and careful selection can result in a system that is not only robust and efficient but also uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of a project.

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Ben Sheldon
Ben Sheldon

Great work team!

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