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Fibre Optic and CCTV Network Upgrade - 2021



The large commercial premises of North Point Shopping Centre in Hull, is a place that has benefitted from the expertise of our project team.


We have recently conducted numerous upgrades, of faulty or outdated systems, of which many are ongoing.


One of such projects, was the upgrade of the old analogue CCTV system, with it’s distorted images and faulty cameras, to a new digital IP system.

This involved upgrading the old 1080P cameras to high definition units capable of producing highly detailed images. Upgrading old damaged coaxial cabling, to Cat6 network cabling, which provides a superior quality of data transmission, all vastly improving the quality of recorded CCTV footage.


The system now also incorporates a fibre ‘backbone’, which has now revolutionised and future-proofed the infrastructure in the shopping centre.

This fibre network, installed and commissioned by Photuris, not only provides the network for the CCTV system, but has also now been used by North Point shopping centre management for a network of centre-wide Wi-fi access points, for the use of the public.


Needless to say, the centre management team are very happy with the upgrades to the network and CCTV system, together with the local police, who benefit the most from the improved recorded CCTV footage from incidents.

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COVID-19 Screening

(OCTOBER 2020)

Another new installation using the Paxton checkpoint control system with thermal integration increasing COVID-19 security.

Paxton’s longstanding access control system Net2 receives its latest software update. The highly anticipated new feature Checkpoint Control supports COVID-secure sites and officially launched on the 24th September 2020. This additional functionality helps Companies to protect employees and visitors by monitoring and approving people as they enter buildings.

Checkpoint Control works in just two simple steps:

Step 1: System Setup

Specific doors or areas of a building are designated as checkpoints, such as the main entrance or reception. End users are then given access to that checkpoint using their normal access token, with the limited access point managed via the access permissions feature within the Net2 software.

Step 2:  A manual or automated verification takes place to validate further site access

Access can be verified manually in person or by using technology to support automated validation. The automated process works by identifying a person via their access credentials, which can then be followed by a thermal scan to further increase protection against the spread of Coronavirus. Once identity, and where relevant, an individual’s health and well-being has been approved, the checkpoint will validate and grant further building access.

Net2 v6.05 also includes new functionality to further enhance the Net2 Occupancy Management feature. New virtual traffic lights can be used on screens to indicate occupancy levels with no need for integrated traffic light hardware. This will further support social distancing by informing the end user of whether the current occupancy of the area they are about to enter is safe for them to do so, working alongside Checkpoint Control to reduce bottlenecks and overcrowding.

Occupancy Management override is also included in this new update. Should there be an emergency, this functionality allows selected people to enter an area that is at capacity, such as a first aider or senior manager.


Rail Update

(OCTOBER 2020)

Photuris Ltd awarded Harsco Rail 3+1+1 Overhaul & Maintenance contract for the Fire and Electrical Services on the MMT Fleet.

Photuris Ltd awarded Network Rail Tier 1, Overhaul & Maintenance Contract for the Aquasys Fixed Fire Extinguisher on the High Output BCS Fleet.

Photuris Ltd have furthered the successful maintenance partnership with Hitachi Rail having been awarded the maintenance contract for the Doncaster Depot.




Following the launch of the latest evolution of fusion splicer by Fujikura with its new 90S;


Photuris are pleased to provide Optical Fibre repair utilising the new 90s.


It features a host of new and enhanced features developed to help the user work faster with higher precision.


Overall splice process time has been significantly reduced against the 70S+ thanks to a combination of improvements to the reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, new fibre retention clamps, improved universal sheath clamps and a redesigned internal structure that matches the protection sleeve position to the fusion splice point which enables splicing to be achieved without the need of the user to touch the 90S once the process has started.


Data & Comms


Photuris Ltd are now pleased to offer additional cabling services additional to the Electrical infrastructure.

If you are moving offices and are hopeful that the existing cabling infrastructure is fit for purpose, why not make sure by having a cable health check.


(MARCH 2020)

Photuris Ltd have successfully completed their most recent audit, marking the inauguration of Photuris Ltd for AQUASYS Technik GmbH as the UK's singular incumbent of AQUASYS Systems on Railway Vehicles.

AQUASYS visited the UK from Linz, Austria back in February where Photuris Technicians participated in further advanced training after an audit of safe systems of work.


Photuris Ltd adding to their existing portfolio of the UK's singular incumbent of Fogtec Systems on Railway Vehicles along with Gent 24 and Milestone System Integrators.


Gent 24 System Integrator (NOV 2019)

Photuris Ltd have been approved as a Gent 24 System Integrator (NOV 2019)

System Integrators are partners who have met Gent's criteria for designing, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining Gent products

We have been working nationally in partnership with GENT and SMS since 2004, during this time we have always been leaders in fire life safety technology, offering a comprehensive package tailored to suit your exact needs.

We have a team of experienced fully trained and qualified GENT Design, Install, Service and Commissioning Engineers.

Our team can offer your business a complete Gent solution from initial specification, design, installation and ongoing service and maintenance.


ISO 9001 Accreditation (NOV 2019)

Photuris Ltd have been awarded an ISO 9001 Accreditation


ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems, first published in 1987 by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), it is one of the most commonly used management tools across the world.

It is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, by having a framework in place that helps ensure consistent quality in the provision of goods and/or services.

As an ISO 9001 accredited company registered with the FIA, BAFE, RISQS and Achilles we are capable in meeting the demands of any size project and ensure your company and your operations are compliant with all the latest industry standards and legislation. 

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