Bespoke Emergency & Security Lighting Solutions

Emergency light Transparent.png

Photuris can install and maintain a wide range of systems from central based battery systems to maintained and non-maintained standalone systems.

Our extremely experienced team of engineers will arrive in uniform, sign in and carry out the testing to the highest level of professionalism.

Emergency lighting is required in both commercial and residential developments to provide lighting to facilitate escape in the event of a power failure. Emergency lighting must comply with the requirements of fire safety legislation as well as the building regulations and must be regularly tested and maintained.

Every year you are required to have a minimum of two service visits to test all emergency lights internal and external. These visits typically consist of a 1-hour and 3-hour test. The tests are designed to ensure the lighting is adequate for coverage and sustainable levels of lighting level adequate and conform to standards.

We can combine emergency lighting periodic inspection with some of our other services as a package visit, often lowering your annual service charge.