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Fire Strategy Development and Advice

Your business not only needs a fire strategy because it is required by the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but also because, for a business, it safeguards and protects your customers, staff and future.

A fire strategy will not only help to ensure that the risk of a fire occurring is minimised, it will also aid in making sure that people can easily escape the building, if necessary. Having a succinct strategy in place will also ensure appropriate arrangements, such as fire procedures and the use and maintenance of fire safety measures, are firmly practised and in place.

According to the British Standards Institution document PAS 911: Fire Strategies-Guidance and Framework for Their Formulation, a fire strategy is “an all-encompassing document designed to overview how fire can impact on a building and a business”. If the worse happens and a fire breaks out in a building, then it can not only be destructive to life safety but also to a business’s assets and ability to trade.

What will the fire strategy include?

A good fire strategy should be a detailed document for fire safety detailing compliance with the fundamental objectives of the applicable fire safety legislation, business and property protection objectives and insurers requirements.

A fire strategy outlines means of warning and escape, internal fire spread, external fire spread and access and facilities for the fire service, along with the fire safety management requirements for the building.

A fire strategy can prove invaluable for due diligence purposes, it is also important that the fire strategy is widely accepted by the ongoing business and that the recommendations are adhered to on a day-to-day basis. Our engineers can help you communicate the importance of this strategy to your stakeholders and ensure this ongoing commitment.

Additional services we can offer

Our expert teams can create a bespoke fire risk assessment for your building and then offer practical advice to help you implement the findings of the assessment to always deliver more than just a tick box exercise.

Photuris Fire provides a comprehensive assessment and supporting services offering; the following services are available:


  • Fire safety management plans

  • Fire Risk Assessment Audits

  • Review and development of evacuation procedures

  • Evacuation procedures for persons requiring assistance to evacuate

  • Fire safety training – review and evaluation of existing training programs and their technical content

  • Fire safety training – delivery of bespoke training programs

  • Liaison with regulators regarding enforcement matters

  • Review of staff competences 

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