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Due Diligence Fire Safety Surveys

Due diligence fire safety surveys of existing buildings are used to confirm compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Our review services will include a detailed assessment of the existing compartmentation and fire doors, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, means of escape and circulation within and from the building, location and provision of portable fire extinguishing equipment.


What is a due diligence fire safety assessment?

A due diligence fire safety assessment is an in-depth survey of the existing fire safety products within your building.

Our fire engineers will look in as much detail as necessary to ensure that your building is compliant to the fire safety order and the building regulations.

They will then produce a survey, highlighting any areas for improvements, for your records.

Additional services we can offer

Our expert teams can create a bespoke fire risk assessment for your building and then offer practical advice to help you implement the findings of the assessment to always deliver more than just a tick box exercise.

Photuris Fire provides a comprehensive assessment and supporting services offering; the following services are available:


  • Fire safety management plans

  • Fire Risk Assessment Audits

  • Review and development of evacuation procedures

  • Evacuation procedures for persons requiring to assistance to evacuate

  • Fire safety training – review and evaluation of existing training programs and their technical content

  • Fire safety training – delivery of bespoke training programs

  • Liaison with regulators regarding enforcement matters

  • Review of staff competences 

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