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Planning and System Design

A CCTV camera now occupies almost every street corner in the UK so it hardly surprising that businesses now seek coverage in factories, offices, car parks and service yards. People think of CCTV as way of catching unsuspecting criminal activity which is where it all started. Currently 50% of all systems we install are designed to oversee work areas from a health and safety aspect, reducing the number of false claims in the work place, protecting the employer and in some instances your employee.

Protect your business with an advanced end-to-end security and surveillance solution, combine them with hardware and software from our wide range of integrators to create a customized or specialized solution that meets your business and operational needs – whether for a small retail, medium warehouse or a large transport facility installation.  The transport industry for example, are utilising the technology to manage their security via analytics triggering alarms, while factories/depots maximise security at gates using ANPR, secure compounds provide perimeter detection utilising thermal and radar detection.

We are resourced to carry out national site surveys, plan and prepare concepts and system designs to the latest standards along with cost plans and quotations for the most complex of integrated systems.

Installation and Project Management

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a strict EU regulation devised to protect data and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).
While GDPR is an EU regulation, it has influenced numerous domestic regulations and become the standard for personal data protection in many other parts of the world since its enforcement in May 2018.

Photuris’ Projects Department are responsible for all installation and project management, works are controlled by skilled engineering teams project engineers at site level with support from our network of regional offices.


System Commissioning

When your system is commissioned by Photuris you can be sure of the highest standards of service provision on a truly national basis from our dedicated and competently trained commissioning engineers, ensuring that your systems are fully compliant and certified to comply with the latest revisions of BS EN 62676 and GDPR.

We believe in implementing the core values outlined in the GDPR in all our systems, which include:


Information about what personal data that is collected and how long it is retained.  The right to be informed in case of a data breach.


The right to be forgotten, including the deletion of personal data. Information about how long it is kept.


Ability to get access to own personal data. What personal data is being processed and the rationale for such processing.


The right object to the processing of personal data, who and how to contact the Data Controller.

Preventative Maintenance

When taking out a Service and Maintenance Contract with Photuris, you can be assured of the highest level of customer care, product reliability and technical support that we have to offer.  With years of specialist knowledge and investment staying ahead with the latest technologies.  At Photuris it’s not just about performing the required functional and operational tests.  Our customer service commitment includes assistance with on-site training of responsible personnel, advice on the different types of systems available and their limitations regarding your individual needs and cost-effective quotations for modifications and alterations to existing systems.

With a service and maintenance contract provided by Photuris you can be sure of the highest possible standards of service provision to the latest British Standards of BS EN 62676.  A true 24-hour 365 day per year call out service is provided to all contracted customers.

Service and Maintenance provision is based on a preventative approach which includes for the inspection, test and cleaning of your installed systems which has a proven record of reducing the rate of unwanted call outs.

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