Bespoke Access Control Solutions

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Our preferred access control system is Paxton who are the UK leading brand suppliers of access equipment. We are approved installers and have been for many years. 

Access control is often thought to be a suitable means of securing a property when in actual fact is "only" controls access. We can control staff leaving or entering site using multiple methods but as for physically locking a door with a key, this is still our recommendation. 

We can work with all types of systems. In general, unless we are asked to supply anything other than Paxton we will either quote Net2, Switch2, Net2 Entry, Net 10 or Net2 paxlock. 

Please click the document link to review the 2019 range.

If you have any question or you would like to discuss a new or existing system in person please contact us.

Amongst the multiple services we provide two are what we class as must have systems. One being fire and the other Intruder.


Intruder systems haven’t changed that much over recent years and all operate on the same principles with very similar menus. Some are full wired, part wireless and some are full wireless.



Usually you don’t already have a system in place and you're either looking for one because your insurers now stipulate one or you have recently experienced a break in. Either way we have a dedicated experienced member of the team who can visit your premises when convenient to make an assessment based on a number of questions and factors we must consider.


Risk assessment forms are completed to assess the nature of your business, risk involved and grading type. Site plans are always a benefit but if you can’t produce one don’t worry, we can.

The site is walked out and entry points, protected areas and coverage is thought out. Cable routes are as important as device location so some surveys can take a little longer than others.


Systems comprise of a panel, keypad, detection, door contacts, shutter contacts and an external bell sounder in its simplest form. Our systems range from 5 devices up to 500. In all cases log books, zone

charts, commissioning and handover paperwork is issued. Our external bell sounders display the company logo and we issue Photuris stickers where applicable.



This is certainly a growth area of the business as customers realise they have been paying far too much with the larger global branded companies. On average we are 35% cheaper in all aspects of service

delivery. Our take over surveys consist of a full site walk to identify what system is in place, is it well covered, does it meet standards, has it been serviced and is it remotely monitored. Sometimes some of

these questions can’t be answered at survey stage, however if we are successful in winning the contract we must write to you and list all system failing or non-conformance.


You can opt out of any system remedial works in writing/email.


A takeover typically takes longer than any service visit due to geographical knowledge of the system, system issues and previous service providers engineering code bypass. Your first system service is

Included in your takeover fee.


Our consultation process is always free of charge anywhere in the UK and you are under no obligation to proceed.


Our systems are insurance approved, all conforming to our SSAIB code of practise. If monitoring is required, no problem, we remotely monitor all signalling types and can provide rapid response and keyholding services.

Paxton Product Selection Guide 2019